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Corporate Solutions

With the goal of enhancing employee health and wellness, organizational processes, performance and workplace environment. Learn more about our corporate solutions at Smith Ogden, Recruiting & Innovative Human Resources Consulting »

Candidate recruitment, assessment and training
Creating corporate wellness programs
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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never been in counseling, what can I expect?

First call or email me with your inquiry and I will contact you by phone or email. I will send you an intake form prior to meeting. The form will ask questions about your physical and emotional history, and about your concerns today including your goals for therapy. The first few sessions are reserved as assessment so that I can better understand your history, current concerns and goals for therapy. Therapy works best if done on a weekly basis until your goals are met. You determine the goals and duration of treatment.


How do I pay for therapy?

My hourly fee is $115 per hour. I do not accept insurance but can provide a bill for your insurance carrier so they can reimburse you directly. I prefer payment via PayPal so that we can focus solely on therapy during our session. I also accept cash or check. Pay online with Paypal »


I am curious about medication?

I cannot prescribe medication but work with trusted physicians who can assess and prescribe medication if needed. I maintain a close relationship with your physicians to coordinate care.